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October 25, 2012

Department of Veteran Affairs Approves Authentidate's IVR for Weight Management

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has successfully completed the test-in phase for Authentidate Holding Corp.’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) monitoring solution and web service for vital signs. Authentidate Holding Corp.--a provider of secure web-based software applications and telehealth products and services--made the announcement on Wednesday, noting that its IVR system will be used in conjunction with the VA’s weight management protocol, TeleMOVE.

The VA reportedly tested Authentidate’s solution using the current VA-approved Disease Management Protocol (DMP) for TeleMOVE, in a weight management pilot program operating in several field locations throughout the United States.

Based on the successful testing, the VA has now given its official approval for all VA facilities to order and use the IVR solution for any and all TeleMOVE patients.

Vice president of business development for Authentidate Gavin Stewart responded to the decision, saying, “Authentidate is very pleased that the VA has approved the national rollout of our IVR solution with TeleMOVE. We believe that the other DMPs which are currently being pilot tested will be approved for national deployment in the near future, and that our IVR solution provides a significant growth opportunity for our company. We continue to work closely with the VA to provide cost-effective solutions to help support their efforts to deliver the best health care for our veterans.”

VA facilities can now use the IVR solution on a stand-alone basis, or in combination with another Authentidate device, the Electronic House Call (EHC), which adds an extra level of flexibility and mobility.

Using the IVR with the EHC, patients can better manage their weight in accordance with VA TeleMOVE’s care program guidelines, as both solutions use the same web service, and can be used with all the peripherals presently used in the VA telehealth program. 

Essentially, the advent of this feature is that clinicians can more easily switch their patients between EHC and IVR, which helps in case the patient is traveling, or plans to go back to a rehabilitation unit.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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