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October 22, 2012

Expedia Gets Clinic for its 2000 Employees from Qliance in Bellevue, Washington

Affordable healthcare is an issue that affects the vast majority of people. To overcome this burden on their employees, many companies are entering into agreements with healthcare insurance carriers to provide an affordable solution. Organizations with a large number of employees are able to negotiate many different options when it comes to healthcare. The clinic Qliance will make available for Expedia is going to be located in the company’s headquarters. Although it is in the company building, the services the clinic offers will be available for the general public.

Construction of the clinic will begin in late October of 2012 and it is due for completion sometime in January of 2013.

"We are excited to be providing employees with an innovative new avenue for accessing medical attention and services that will make it easier for them to practice consistent health care. In collaboration with Qliance, the opening of this new onsite clinic is another step in our ongoing initiative to make personal health and well-being a major focus for our workforce," said Connie Symes, EVP of Human Resources at Expedia.

Qliance’s approach to medical care is based on a flat-fee primary care to give employers and patients access to affordable high-quality doctors, nurses and healthcare specialists. The plan the company offers gives patients unrestricted access to their doctors with multiple modes of communication to make appointments and talk to their doctors so conditions can be diagnosed quicker and treated as soon as possible. In the long term this saves the company large amounts of money and ensure the patient has a better chance of overcoming their condition.

The flat rate fee Qliance offers for the general public who are not part of an employer group ranges from $54 to $89, depending on age and regardless of health issues.

The plan it is going to provide to Expedia will give the travel company a customized and cost effective alternative or solution that will complement existing coverage it currently offers to its employees.

"Qliance is a leader in providing high-quality, personalized primary care in a way that meets the unique needs of both patients and employers. In expanding our network to Bellevue, we are proud to partner with Expedia, a truly innovative company that wants employees and their families to enjoy a new and improved model of care -- one that gives them more time with their physician, more flexibility, and more convenience," said Erika Bliss, MD, president and CEO of Qliance.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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