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October 18, 2012

Social Network Infiltrates the Healthcare Space

As the hands on the clock move forward at an unstoppable pace, social media-type websites are being increasingly used in the healthcare field. This as well as the increasing obesity rates in the United States (with the CDC reporting that obesity rates have nearly tripled from 1960 to 34 percent), have been major factors in driving wHealthy Solutions to unveil what is touted as the first scientific-based social network service all about healthy nutrition.

Seamlessly integrating both food and beverage ranking algorithms that have been derived from medical and scientific methods in addition to providing important information are helping the public to put down that potato chip once and for all and insead pick up a healthier snack, such as maybe an apple.

It’s easy to access this site on-the-go throughout your busy day via a PC, smartphone, netbook or tablet. In essence, this Web page serves as a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about how to raise the bar on improving your lifestyle via healthy choices. Complete with product lists to help you choose more nutritional items during your weekly grocery shopping, warnings about unhealthy ingredients, taste reviews, and even a way to share what it is on your own grocery list with your family and other users of the platform are also provided.

But that’s not all; consumers can even leverage their mobile devices to scan bar codes of various items at the grocery store, which will then automatically deliver vital details on how healthy their selections are. If ranked unhealthy, shoppers may want to go with something else.

"wHealthy Solutions solves the problem of information overload with a single-source solution that enables consumers to easily and quickly select foods and beverages that are both healthy and delicious, while saving them time and effort," said wHealthy Solutions' CEO and Co-founder Michael Segal, in a statement. "Additionally, unlike any other solution on the market today, wHealthy Solutions will soon enable consumers to personalize their 'nutritional baskets' to meet the needs of their specific health conditions, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or certain food intolerances."

While there are some other similar solutions currently available, wHealthy Solutions stands out from the pack due to the fact that it combines continuously updated scientific data based upon USDA guidelines and medical Subject Matter Expertise (SME) to offer health rankings of a large array of items within the offering’s database. Also, this product can be quickly personalized according to each user’s likes and dislikes, ultimately improving the world by making its citizens healthier one bite at a time.

To view a demonstration on how this next-generation health focused solution truly works, click here.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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