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September 20, 2012

Fitbit Announces Two New High Tech Pedometers

Technology has expanded into almost every aspect of our lives and one place where it can truly make our lives better is fitness. One of the leading companies in this area is Fitbit and they have been working hard to make new and better devices that help people use tech to make their workout sessions better. Their newest creations are a pair of new pedometers that look decidedly different from your grandpa’s old school pedometer.

Working out with high technology devices also makes working out that much more fun. Fitbit has launched two of these new pedometers in order to help people get motivated to stay in shape while using good looking high quality technological devices. 

The first device, known as the Fitbit One and is now being called the flagship of the Fitbit arsenal. The Fitbit One is priced at $99.95 and will not only be able to track steps taken but also distance traveled by foot, stairs climbed, calories burned and even sleep quality. The Fitbit One also has a silent vibrating alarm that will gently wake you in the morning while allowing your slumbering partner right next to you to remain undisturbed. The Fitbit One also has a Bluetooth connection that allows you to sync with computers wirelessly.

The Fitbit Zip is priced at a slightly lower price point of $59.95 but also has a few less features. The Zip will track steps taken, distance covered and calories burned but it doesn’t do the nifty trick of tracking the quality of sleep or stairs climbed. 

Both pedometers will also come with a free application that allows you to message other users of the app. The app will also allow you to receive mobile alerts that will tell you how close you are to certain goals.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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