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September 13, 2012

U.S. Immunization Clinics Go Paperless Thanks to Google Chromebooks and Verizon

Mollen Immunization Clinics provide immunizations in over 4,000 locations, usually at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club locations. The company needed a solution that would help nurses communicate with both insurers and state immunization registries.

As a result, Mollen chose Google Chromebooks, powered by Verizon Wireless, which it deployed at its Wal-Mart and Sam’s club locations. The company estimates that over 25,000 nurses will use the tools during the upcoming immunization season to immunize millions of Americans against diseases like influenza, shingles, whooping cough and human papilloma virus (HPV).

“Transforming healthcare in this country depends on expanding access to care and extending the reach of healthcare providers,” said John Roehm, CEO at Mollen. “Through our work with Verizon Wireless and Google, we are able to do just that by providing more immunizations in the most convenient and cost effective ways possible.”

Nurses who use Chromebooks will be able to determine what vaccinations are needed by patients. They can also check insurance eligibility, submit claims, process payments, track vaccine inventories and maintain patient privacy under HIPAA.

Chromebooks also helps healthcare providers to coordinate care by communicating patient vaccination history to state registries as well as to the patient’s primary care physician.

“We’re proud to put the strength of our wireless network to work to help Mollen enhance access to preventive healthcare, which ultimately helps save and improve quality of lives,” said Andrés Irlando, Verizon’s Southwest Region president.

In addition to enhancing healthcare, Mollen expects Chromebooks to contribute to cutting expenses by eliminating over 20 million pieces of paper from its business. “Google and Verizon Wireless have enabled us to take significant costs out of our business” said Mike Cihlar, Mollen’s COO. “As a result of going paperless, we have been able to improve the patient experience while streamlining our processes.”

Patients interesting in getting a vaccination from a Mollen clinic can read about services offered and pre-register for immunizations. They can also walk into any Mollen clinic without an appointment.

Edited by Braden Becker

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