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September 07, 2012

SL Power Focuses on IT, Healthcare Veritcals

Most of the time, we take power supplies for granted. As long as my laptop and my Xbox are working, I pay little attention to the power supply. But in certain verticals, such as information technology, healthcare, industrial and military tech, requirements for power supplies are very specific and specialized. Fortunately, there are companies like SL Power, which serves as an expert in power supply design, efficiency, reliability and more.

Cochise Mapa, director of global product management for SL Power, explained that the first step in power supply is design. No matter what market you are looking at, you must first determine how much power you need, what the form factor will be, what size it needs to be and the voltage. He said that power levels can range from five watts to thousands of watts. In the information technology vertical, the power requirements will vary, from less than 150 watts for an entry point server to thousands of watts for an enterprise-class server.

Next, says Mapa, one must consider the size of the power supply, from 1.75” high or higher, with a width of several inches and varying depth. Designers must consider form factor and voltage as well. For telecom, 40V is the standard, while high power equipment is in the 300+ voltage range and 12V is the name of the game for most server architecture.

SL Power has standard power supplies and can design custom products, which is especially handy in the medical and industrial verticals. In those cases, customers are frequently concerned with airflow, which may not be available, such as in surgical applications. SL Power does a great deal of business in the medial vertical, with fanless power suppose the minimize airflow and the spread of germs. Many of these traits also carry over to industrial power supplies, as fans can break easily and therefore industrial power supplies are often designed to be fanless as well.

Recently, SL Power debuted a new product series, the CENB1121 and CENB1130 for IT and MENB1121 and MENB1130 for medical external switch mode power supplies. They deliver 120 and 130 watts respectively of total power at 12V to 24V. They accept universal input of 100 to 240VAC via a standard IEC320 input connector and meet the latest energy efficiency and safety standards.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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