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July 25, 2012

Chubby Fingers Beware: Top Three Apps for Dieters

Have your fingers gotten to chubby to navigate your iPhone? If the answer is yes, keep reading. Let’s face it, our lives get busy and sometimes we gain a little here and there. Whether it’s during the holidays or a little “love chub”, it’s time to shape up! Here are some delicious diet apps that will help you look your best.


The grocery store. It’s every food lover’s dream and every dieter’s worst nightmare. Dieters often get lost in the plethora of cupcakes, soda, frozen foods and candy. But before you find yourself hiding in the chip isle, try using the app Fooducate. Appropriately named, Fooducate is like having a personal dietitian in your pocket every time you enter the forbidden food palace.

This is how it works; the app automatically scans a product barcode, then gives the product a letter grade. The letter grade is based on dietary information from registered dietitians and user feedback. Reading food labels can be like reading a foreign language. Fooducate takes the “huh” out of the equation and does the work for you. The app provides users with product highlights such as artificial flavorings, colorings, and sugar intake. With over 200,000 unique products, you will never starve for variety. With the app, users can also plug in search words, like pasta, to view a list of popular or recent items.

The app also features a quick view option, which shows an item’s overall grade and calories per serving, and a shopping cart feature. Fooducate can be a dieter’s best friend, helping users make better choices at the grocery store. The app is available on the iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android OS. Price: Free


Are you a habitual list maker or a person who likes to “see” things in order to understand them? If you answered yes and are searching for the best diet app, look no further. The MyFitnessPal app counts the calories for you, while tracking your exercise, giving you a visual overview of your weight loss journey. This is how it works.

First, users plug in information about themselves, including age, height, weight (be honest!), and general level of activity. This information establishes a base where calorie intake and calories burned are measured. Next, users set their weight loss goal. Based on the user’s goal, the app calculates the targeted amount of calories the user should “net” daily. For you list makers, the MyFitnessPal has an extensive food catalog, which includes recipes, meals, and restaurant dishes. At breakfast, lunch, and dinner, users plug in foods and drinks consumed. Users can also plug in their daily fitness regiments. The easy-to-use interface shows a daily summary of your goal net calories, how many calories consumed, and how many calories burned. There’s even a handy bar graph that displays your progress.  

If this wasn’t enough, the app also features nutrient details, line graphs to show weight loss over time and much more. With this weight loss app, you always have a pal along the way. The app is available on the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Price: Free

Eat This, Not That!:

Created for the faint-hearted dieter, the app Eat This Not That! is a great tool to help dieters slash calories while on the go. While on road trips or buzzing around town, it’s hard not to be enticed by those “golden arches”. But before you hear those words, “hi, may I take your order”, take a look at the Eat This, Not that! app.

Based on the best-selling book series, this app helps users track calories, create a diet plan, make healthier food swaps and track progress. Users can easily log calories with over 23,000 restaurant menu and grocery items. It also has 230 exercises and activities, so users can keep track of calories burned. Users can create a diet plan, where they can keep track of their daily calorie budgets using charts and graphs. The most notable and popular feature on the app is the “simple swaps” feature.

The swap feature helps users find simple ways to swap foods that can save hundreds of unnecessary calories. Learn restaurant survival skills and discover what the worst and best foods in America are. Next time you’re squished in the back seat of a car rolling through the drive-thru, don’t be scared you’ve got an app for that! The app is available on the iPhone and Android. Price: $4.99

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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