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July 23, 2012

Nuance's Voice Recognition Software Deployed at Providence Health & Services' Hospitals, Clinics

Nuance Communications, Inc. announced today that Providence Health & Services is deploying Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition across its healthcare enterprise, making medical voice recognition available at 27 hospitals and 250 clinics for approximately 8,000 clinicians.

According to a news release, Providence Health & Services is ranked by Thomson Reuters as among the top 20 percent of best-performing health systems in the country.

The organization-wide use of Dragon Medical will help Providence roll out the Epic electronic health record (EHR) system by letting clinical staff document and navigate the EHR simply by speaking, saving time and allowing them to be more efficient and effective.

Over the next year, Dragon Medical will be integrated with Epic and once fully deployed, clinicians will be able to use the just by using their voice, leading to faster EHR system adoption and improved physician satisfaction with EHR use, the press release claims.

"Dragon Medical builds upon our current Nuance-driven background speech workflow through eScription and will give physicians more documentation options," said Laureen O'Brien, chief information officer, Providence Health & Services. "We are very excited to make this tool available to all of our providers in order to enable them to be more efficient. Using Dragon Medical allows clinician findings to be immediately part of patients' medical records and available to all care providers, improving overall patient care and coordination, the provider's experience and making healthcare more affordable."

Providence will provide its clinical staff with physician-led training and standard, voice-enabled documentation templates to help them adopt the technology more quickly and assimilate it with current established workflows.

With a voice-enabled EHR, documentation can be done by speaking in free-form or to trigger various clinical templates and medical record review, and sign-off can occur in real-time, eliminating the time lag and costs associated with medical transcription, according to the press release.

Nuance announced in February its new cloud-based voice recognition system, allowing healthcare staff to have access to all patient information on mobile devices wherever they are. 

One of the most significant benefits of speech recognition is accuracy, according to, substantially reducing the potential for human error. As accuracy is improved, doctors have fewer errors to contend with, giving them more time with patients rather than correcting errors and researching inconsistencies, providing better care for patients.

Edited by Braden Becker

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