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July 16, 2012

Zipit Wireless Announces New Healthcare Smartphone App and VOIP Addition to Messaging Solution Delivered through Verizon

Zipit Wireless has launched a new smartphone app for mobile phones and tablets to give healthcare workers easy access to secure, real-time tools, an issue that in the past has delayed critical care to patients.

The company also announced that it has added VoIP capabilities to the Zipit Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution, available exclusively through Verizon.

These new options will further enable healthcare professionals to accelerate their critical decision-making and provide better collaborative care for patients.

Traditionally, healthcare workers have lacked quick access to information that would aid in decision-making where seconds count. With the app, they can find what they need immediately to make informed decisions and to take better care of patients.  

Through the enhancements in the new app, it is now possible to call, text, message and page a user running the Zipit Confirm mobile application.“The golden hour” is what healthcare workers call the critical time when it is most likely the patient in a life-and-death situation will be saved. Having communication and information at their fingertips in these conditions, it’s possible many more lives could be saved.

Used in more than 100 healthcare settings around the country, according to the company, the Zipit Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution now delivers messages within 10 seconds. Both the smartphone app and the messaging solution are compliant with federal HIPAA and HITECH privacy standards and are interoperable with each other.

Available on iOS and Android-powered devices, healthcare workers can have the same functionality and critical communications features on the Zipit mobile app as the Zipit device, “including multiple priority level pages, continuous alerts similar to a traditional pager, and secure two-way communications with other Zipit mobile app and device users,” according to the press release."Verizon is focused on helping transform the U.S. health care system through health IT," said Peter Tippett, chief medical officer and vice president of Verizon Connected Healthcare. "This solution is another good example of how technology can truly enable better patient care by helping health care professionals to connect instantly."

In February, Verizon announced that it had joined with Health Evolution Partners, a private equity firm, to accelerate the growth of mHealth.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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