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May 17, 2012

Social Networking Healthcare Company, Alliance Health Networks Acquires Medify

Alliance Health Networks is known for “empowering consumers through social health networks” as the headline on the company's website reads. The company uses social networking to bring consumer presence and voice into the healthcare industry. The company recently acquired a medical research firm called Medify in order to strengthen its brand.

According to a press release, Alliance Health Networks will take advantage of Medify's expertise in analyzing data, in order to provide consumers with treatment information. Medify's CEO, Derek Streat and CTO, Jay Bartot will become senior vice presidents of Alliance Health Networks.

Medify will also benefit from this acquisition due to now having access to Alliance Health's user-generated content. will remain a standalone website despite the acquisition and will continue to provide aggregated research using data analytics along with a knowledge extraction platform. This data is used to help customers make informed decisions on health conditions, treatment and medication.

Alliance Health's CEO, Stead Burwell said, “The acquisition of Medify brings us two critical elements — powerful data analytics technologies and an extremely accomplished team — which reinforce our status as the industry’s most robust social engagement platform.”

According to the release, Alliance Health has a membership figure of 1.5 million registered users across 50 different social networks that the company operates.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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