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April 03, 2012

gMed Launches New Bulk Scanner for Healthcare Providers

gMed has released a brand new bulk scanning device called gScan, that was designed to help clients eliminate those annoying stacks of paper and organize offices taking all the paper lying around and integrate it to an online system. 

gMed was established 15 years ago to work on creating an alternative to the medical chart template that most patients have come to know. The company has tried working with technology to create a more efficient way to integrate medical information, increasing revenue, cutting costs, and improving patient care. gMed said it works to create solutions for health care providers allowing them to focus on the patient.

 “gMed products and services are preconfigured for the specialty-practice to prevent extensive configuration and training associated with generic products. gMed solutions think like specialists giving medical professionals a tool that takes the focus off practice management and puts it back on the practice of medicine,” said the company in a statement.

The company currently offers many medical office solutions such as advance procedure reports, image management, automatic documentation, order tracking, laboratory results management, paperless faxing, task management, and voice recognition technology. All of these products can be used through a number of different systems gMed offers that are designed to enhance patient care and decrease workload for the practice.

gScan, gMed’s newest product, will offer clients the ability to scan an entire paper chart without a single interface. The company has also made sure to design the new scanner with the ability to include barcode recognition technology, assign date ranges, file documents in one location, and keep track of the complete paper trail.

Sam Rubinsztain, Vice President of Product Development at gMed, said his company knows the importance of keeping good records.

“We understand how important it is for practices to have a fully integrated platform, so we committed ourselves to designing, implementing and supporting a more efficient way to help practices become completely paperless,” said Rubinsztain. “I’m confident gScan will allow our clients to continue to improve patient care and reduce the risk associated with paper charts.”

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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