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March 28, 2012

IOD Offers Integrated HIM Solutions with its PRISM iRequest iPad Application

IOD Incorporated, a trusted partner and provider of Health Information Management (HIM) solutions for hospitals, has all the tools and expertise to take care of an entire records workflow process. With IOD’s PRISM online Release of Information (ROI) management solution, medical personnel possess the most advanced ROI request tracking/reporting software available.

Not only has IOD provided healthcare organizations with PRISM, their own advanced reporting system that can automate and streamline the HIM workflow, they have developed and recently revealed the PRISM iRequest, a secure iPad application to manage Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to all physicians who own an iPad.

EHR is a process that involves turning paper-based medical records into computerized electronic forms; it is an evolving concept. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) will be eventually the standard practice. Presently, not every healthcare organization has converted their written records into electronic format; there are, in fact, concerns for the privacy and the security of medical data exchanged over the network.

Although more people understand and accept the role of IT in health care, medical records may remain paper-based for a few more years. Electronic medical records, however, are ideal for inter-system communication in a healthcare environment. They can provide a more efficient and seamless means to manage patient records requests and medical services. EHRs can allow patients themselves easier access to their own medical data, and they can help physicians share patient information between themselves in a quicker way.

Practices that want to take the opportunity to move forward in bringing health records into the 21st century transforming patient paper records in electronic ones, can do so by using IOD’s SecureCapture technology. This service can be used to scan or import medical records into PRISM (which features secure encryption). Also, IOD incorporated can provide help to medical facilities that want to switch to electronic health records as well.

With IOD’s PRISM software one is sure to receive a customized solution that can complement the HIM workflow, fit the medical staff’s preferences, needs and environment; this in addition to handling confidential patient information securely and safely.

The PRISM iRequest iPad application, which is a tracking and reporting software program, for example, was designed not only to impact day-to-day healthcare operations by providing info to healthcare providers, but also for patients to request their medical records electronically from IOD's eDelivery portal: It is IOD's Web-based software that makes this all possible. Privacy and security are not issues because the PRISM iRequest features e-signing technology, which is a tech-friendly means of verifying the authenticity of patients’ signature.

As pointed out by IOD's Chief Technology Officer William J. Sweeney, the company is out to provide HIM solutions to make full use of data quickly. With PRISM iRequest, IOD has developed the one solution for health organizations with iPad users to be able to gain access and retrieve medical files more easily to provide better care for medical patients and exceptional medical services. Patient data are centrally stored electronically to allow medical staff access to clinical information from anywhere and at any time.

IOD has certainly improved patient/physician satisfaction within healthcare organizations with its PRISM iRequest iPad application. IOD is hoping to assume a leading role in the future of medical care with its integrated HIM solutions.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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