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March 27, 2012

Maimonides Medical Center Goes High-Tech, Stiffens Work Hours

Maimonides Medical Center, a Brooklyn-based hospital, wanted to make sure it stays on top of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) regulations, and partnered with Amcom Software Inc. to create a tracking solution that would monitor all students’ hours. The hospital trains over 400 residents in 70 different specialties.

In 2010, ACGME announced they would enforce stricter work hours for medical students, limiting them from 30-hour shifts (the rule since 2003) to 16-hour shifts, effective during the summer of last year. It also stipulated that residents must have 8-10 hours off between shifts, with total work time not exceeding 80 hours.

“Information is power, but communication is key,” said Dr. Steven Davidson, Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Maimonides Medical Center. “Amcom is at the center of residents communications and has become a natural fulcrum for our resident duty hours tracking.” said Davidson.

Amcom Software works with companies to provide staff and customers with data they need. The company has created communication solutions for years and developed this software specifically for Maimonides.

The system will allow the teaching hospital to monitor residents’ hours, generate reports on how long they have worked, track the hours in between shifts, create reminders near the end of a residents shifts and show the full on-call schedule.

Residents have access to the system to update their statuses and follow their own hours to make sure the program logs them correctly.

Amcom has been in discussions with the hospital, and is glad it’s been able to create a solution that benefits both students and staff to stay on top of the ACGME stipulations.

Said Chris Heim, President of Amcom: “Having an early adopter like Maimonides has been invaluable, and other teaching hospitals will benefit from these joint efforts.”

Edited by Braden Becker

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