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February 27, 2012

PLTW, StreamVenue Healthcare, Texas Institute for Surgery Join Forces to Create Live Classroom

STEM – a US Government acronym representing the fields of study in the categories of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) – has gained lot of popularity and the U.S. government is currently trying to raise lot of awareness of STEM education.

A recent press release quoted that Harmony Science Academy biomedical students have leveraged STEM learning. Precisely, Harmony's Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Biomedical Sciences leadership collaborated with StreamVenue Healthcare and Texas Institute for Surgery at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas to create a live classroom.

With the help of the collaborated technology, students at Harmony Science Academy Dallas High School streamed a hip arthroscopy surgery live, from an operation theater (OR) where orthopedic surgeon Robert Scheinberg, M.D. was operating to the campus library, by leveraging a modern technology - StreamingOR.

Elucidating about the technology used, Clayton Redmon, co-founder/CEO for StreamVenue Healthcare's, said in a statement that this caliber of biotechnology is typically reserved for residents, medical students, and physicians.

Redmon said in a statement, “We realized that our technology encompasses every aspect of STEM education. We thought it would be a good idea to expose students at an earlier age to the technology that will stimulate critical-reasoning and problem-solving skills.”

According to the release, the Dallas-based company has plans to reach more students nationwide via the Project Lead the Way.

The PLTW, a non-profit organization, provides middle and high schools with engaging, hands-on STEM courses that prepare students to be innovative and productive leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Manisha Singh, a teacher of a PLTW Biomedical Sciences course, reacting to the live classroom experience, said in a statement, “My biomedical students loved it. The students were going to the computer and typing questions, and the surgeon was answering them at the appropriate time.”

The StreamingOR technology, which was recently used by PLTW Biomedical Sciences, StreamVenue Healthcare and Texas Institute for Surgery at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas, enabled the doctor Robert Scheinberg to see more during minimally invasive surgical procedures, and also enabled him to provide Continuing Medical Education to other physicians globally.

“It is so important that as many errors be avoided as possible in procedures...Watching technology companies like StreamVenue Healthcare focus resources on STEM education is very exciting,” said Eddie Bernice Johnson, a Congresswoman, in a statement. “I am delighted to see young minds being directed to technology that will be very useful for all mankind.”

In related news, the Verizon Foundation has awarded Tennessee schools grants totaling $50,000 to enhance their STEM programs using resources at an educational website

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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