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February 24, 2012

Qualcomm Life and Orange Business Services Partner to Deliver Mobile Healthcare in Europe

Qualcomm Life and Orange Business Services have announced a strategic partnership that will allow them to connect patients and healthcare providers as well as monitor the treatment of chronic diseases. Orange will provide the connectivity services for Qualcomm Life’s 2Net platform. Qualcomm Life will preview its 2Net platform at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

“This important collaboration with Orange Business Services and the use of their connectivity services represents a significant milestone in our goal of obtaining certification for our 2net Platform and launching Qualcomm Life in Europe,” said Rick Valencia, vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Life, in a press release. “Our efforts with Orange Business Services enables our support of 2net customers in their European businesses and the acceleration of wireless health services in Europe to help manage or prevent the chronic health conditions millions of people are suffering from in the region.”

In Europe, chronic disease accounts for most deaths, as it does in many high-income countries. The World Health Organization estimates claim that 87 percent of deaths in high-income countries come as a result of chronic disease, with only seven percent attributable to communicable disease or malnutrition and six percent attributable to injury. Since the proportion of people aged 65 and older is expected to rise dramatically by 2030, chronic disease is expected to place a major burden on healthcare in European countries.

“With over 200 experts dedicated to M2M and supporting 2.5 million active M2M connections, and a targeted team in North America, Orange Business Services is committed to using mobile technology to deliver innovative solutions and services on a global scale, particularly in the health care domain,” said Orange’s Vice President of the Enterprise Line of Business, Marie Thiollet. “We bring together key expertise backed by a strong strategy in machine-to-machine, and we are happy to offer it to Qualcomm Life today.”

Qualcomm Life focuses on device connectivity and data management, which enable medical device manufacturers to deliver healthcare wirelessly wherever it is needed. The company’s partnership with Orange will give Qualcomm access to Orange’s connection platform, which currently services over 167 million customers worldwide.

“eHealth is a strategic growth area for Orange,” Thierry Zylberberg, Executive Vice President, Orange Healthcare, stated. “We are very happy to work with Qualcomm Life to contribute to another eHealth solution that is a great example of how mobile technology enables access to affordable, improved health care services for a wide population.”

Edited by Rich Steeves

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