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February 08, 2012

CarePartners Unveils Wellby Patient Engagement and Feedback Technology Tool

In an effort to empower patients to better manage their health and interact more effectively with their physicians, CarePartners Plus, LLC – an independent third-party data and information company – has launched Wellby, a new innovative patient engagement and feedback technology tool.

As an interactive healthcare management solution, Wellby is ideal for use in physician offices, hospitals, work sites and retail pharmacies to collect and exchange feedback from patients at the point of care.

According to CarePartners, Wellby provides an effective tool to reduce workload by collecting relevant data and to help close gaps in care. It is also designed to support healthcare providers who are intending to transition to new models of patient-focused care in place of old systems.

Built on intuitive IBM kiosks, Wellby helps patients to enhance their communication with their physician and also provides direct feedback on the care they received. The IBM kiosks have the familiar technology found in airports, hotels and self-service kiosks in retail environments.

For healthcare providers, Wellby also helps document the effectiveness of services delivered to every patient at every visit. Officials with CarePartners said in a press release that the data and analytics collected provides: insight into a provider's communication with the patient; compliance with standards of care; a patient's understanding of the goals of their care plan; and overall patient satisfaction.

Subsequently, Wellby generates the documentation required to help support reimbursements for patient-centered medical home and accountable care offerings.

Offering a full range of managed tools that capture, document and integrate information across communities of providers, Wellby provides an automated way to capture real-time, in-depth data about the provider-patient interaction from the patient's point of view.

This data can serve as good source for health analytics to improve care, provide immediate feedback based on important information such as whether the patient understands how to take their medication, and make it possible to intercede in real time and provide more patient education in the event a patient doesn't have all the information they require to achieve smarter health.

In addition, Wellby does not require capital expenditures nor does it require additional work for caregivers.

“Primary care physicians are increasingly focused on providing more patient-centered care and ensuring patients with chronic illness such as asthma or diabetes are getting the care they need and taking a role in managing their own care,” said Paul Grundy, director of healthcare transformation, IBM, in a statement. “By creating meaningful interactions with patients, and through the continuous reporting and analysis of data on the effectiveness of care, Wellby provides an effective tool to teach patients important skills and support physicians in their mission to keep patients well.”

Jayashree Adkoli is a contributing editor for HealthTechZone. To read more of Jayashree's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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