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January 20, 2011

Healthcare Technology and News: Warning Labels for New Cell Phones

Environmental Health Trust (EHT), a nonprofit organization dedicated to identifying and controlling environmental health hazards, has called on the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to stop flip-flopping and acknowledge and publicize the risks of cell phone radiation to cell phone users.

Specifically, the EHT is urging the FCC to mandate that cell phone manufacturers post safety warnings about microwave radiation on new cell phones sold within the U.S. and require new standards based on lowest feasible levels of microwave radiation.

"In terms of awareness of microwave radiation risks from cell phones, the U.S. is far behind other countries, including Switzerland, Israel, France and Germany," said EHT founder Devra Lee Davis, Ph.D., MPH.

"These nations require cell phone makers to publicize radiation rates directly on phones sold to their citizens, provide special labeling for low radiation phones, and restrict their use by children, who are more vulnerable to radiation. We are asking that the FCC oversee the creation of a new standard for cell phones, based on the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle for exposure to diagnostic radiation."

Dr. Davis also expressed disappointment that the FCC had completely reversed its positions on cell phone radiation since a Sept. 14, 2009 Senate hearing of the Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, during which Iowa Senator Tom Harkin had promised to investigate the matter. At the EHT-sponsored Expert Conference held in parallel with the Senate hearing, experts spoke of growing laboratory and human studies showing damage from cell phone radiation.

After these events, in November 2009, the FCC website included new advice about how to lower radiation: -- "Use an earpiece or headset." -- "Use the cell phone speaker." -- "Consider texting rather than talking." -- "Buy a wireless device with lower SAR (Specific Absorption Rate)."

Ellie Marks, EHT's director of Government & Public Affairs, said that the FCC, far from coming clean on the dangers posed by cell phone radiation, has engaged in an active cover-up in tandem with the cell phone industry. Dr. Davis and Ms. Marks noted that a range of documents on the hazards of cell phone radiation are available on the EHT website.

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Edited by Tammy Wolf

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