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October 26, 2010

Healthcare Technology and News: OpenTrust to Secure 4,000 iPhones and iPads at Pharmaceutical Company

OpenTrust, a NextGen security software provider that secures all the elements of an information system through a set of trusted Web services, will enable a secure wireless network access for users of 4,000 iPhones and iPads for a well-known organization.

The company offers an OPENTRUST platform that establishes a secure access mechanism among users, devices and networks, to enable a flexible but secure information system. A number of vendors such as IBM Tivoli IAM, Oracle IAM, Cisco, RIM, iPhone, Gemalto, Safenet and Vasco have been integrated with the platform, while its solutions have been deployed to a huge number of users at more than 100 Fortune 1,000 companies worldwide.

The new customer that has selected OpenTrust for enabling a secure wireless network is an international pharmaceutical company that offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products across both traditional and emerging markets. The company is present within more than 100 countries globally, and claims employee strength of more than 100,000.

Within the new project, OpenTrust will offer secure remote access to the corporate network of the company, which will enable the growing number of its remotely located iPhone and iPad users to enjoy reduced roaming costs. The company hopes that during the coming months the demand for this service will grow exponentially.

The enhanced mobile technology deployed by OpenTrust authenticates the devices and the users to the corporate network, and establishes a level of trust between the IT infrastructure, the mobile device itself and the user that their communication is flexible and secure from any inward intrusion or threat. Enterprises can leverage the OpenTrust Mobile in a seamless way within their existing corporate IT infrastructure for a low TCO solution. Using the OpenTrust Mobile solution, iPhones and iPads get converted into trusted devices that can be used by trusted users and can only be managed using OpenTrust Digital Identities. The solution supports iPad, iPhone and other popular mobile operating systems, such as BlackBerry and Windows.

According to Olivier Guilbert, chief executive officer at OpenTrust, iPhones and iPads are proving to be extremely valuable business tools, as IT departments are now obliged to find ways to securely connect such devices to the enterprise network. Guilbert continued that OpenTrust Mobile allows customers to manage digital identities held on mobile devices including iPhone and iPad so that users can remotely and automatically authenticate themselves to corporate networks.

In May 2010, OpenTrust announced that it secured Apple iPad using its OpenTrust Mobile technology to secure access to corporate networks.

Raja Singh Chaudhary is a contributing editor for HealthTechZone. To read more of Raja's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Tammy Wolf

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