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June 29, 2009

Healthcare Technology and News: GIA Report Finds Nanomedicine Surging Stably

We believe in catering to most all tech marketing needs here at TMC, so this one's dedicated to all you in nanomedicine: A report titled "Nanomedicine: A Global Strategic Business Report" has been announced by Global Industry Analysts, covering "major market dynamics, trends, issues, and competition pertaining to the market." 
Quick primer: Nanomedicine is the part of nanotechnology dealing with the capability to change the course of treatment of life-threatening diseases. 
Nanomedicine's great advantage is that it minimizes adversities associated with standard therapeutics. In other words, it's a safer and more efficient means of treatment in many cases. It includes nano drug delivery, nanoanalytical contrast reagents, nanobiomaterials, and nanopharmaceuticals, which have been "surging at a stable rate." That's from company officials, but what a great phrase: surging at a stable rate. "Captain, the waves are surging -- but at a stable rate." "Steady as she goes, bosun."

In recent years, implementations of several programs by the industry have bridged the gap between outcomes of clinical research and commercial products.
"As a result, the present nanobiomaterial product pipeline poses a healthy picture with numerous novel products for use in health care applications, primarily in the form of coatings," according to the report's authors.

The drug delivery market represents the largest application area, while the Biomaterials segment represents the fastest growing application segment for nanomedicine over the years 2006 through 2015.

The nanomedicine market's major market participants include the likes of Abraxis BioScience Inc., AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc, Arrowhead Research Corporation, Crucell N.V., Flamel Technologies S.A., Elan Corporation Plc, Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc., Life Technologies Corporation, Nanosphere Inc., Nektar Therapeutics, Novavax Inc., Oxonica Plc, Par Pharmaceutical Companies Inc., Starpharma Holdings Limited, and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Inc., and more.

TMC recently reported that a GIA report found telemedicine "has given a new dimension to the healthcare sector." That's right, telemedicine.
Telemedicine programs have been in vogue for nearly half a century, the GIA study's authors claimed, adding that "recent health care reforms have been instrumental in promoting the increased usage of such applications. Telemedicine services are used in several medical areas including diabetes control, primary health care, psychiatry, genetics, radiology, pathology, cardiology, dermatology and pediatrics, among others. Telemedicine programs have proved cost effective, and with curtailment of health care expenditures becoming one of the major concerns, such programs are being increasingly implemented in several nations across the globe."

David Sims is a contributing editor for HealthTechZone. To read more of David’s articles, please visit his columnist page. He also blogs for HealthTechZone here.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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