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July 08, 2014

Apple Corners Health Market with iOS 8

Out-of-the-box functionality is always a beneficial addition to a mobile device, as people get fed up with confusing interface differences and the advertisements that plague many apps. A major improvement in the third beta of iOS 8 is considerable added functionality to the Health app, namely a step counter and caffeine tracker.

Apple, in a similar move to Samsung with their extensive health-related features in the latest Galaxy offering, has directed efforts to bolstering their health platform to an extent that makes it one of the core functionalities of the iPhone. Now there is no need for a secondary device to track health-related matters.

The iPhone 5S enjoyed the addition of the M7 motion tracking processor, and the app makes full use of it for its step counter. For the first time there is no need for third party apps or devices for this capability and the data is as accurate as ever. Steps can be sorted by any length of time, from day to year, and it is a simple process to edit out incorrect readings. Additionally, the data can be integrated into other apps for users who want even more functionality.

The caffeine tracker is the newest addition to an assortment of nutrients that users can track with the app. However, it is still necessary to input each item that is consumed, which for many is quite tedious.

With the launch of the iWatch coming soon, it is clear how a beefed up health app will integrate beautifully. With strategic marketing and product design, Apple will have effectively cornered the health hardware segment for current and soon-to-be iPhone customers.

Apple’s improvements to the Health app is an example of how they are able to understand what their customers want and improve on the capability of the iPhone without subjecting the device to a barrage of bloatware. If they are going to add something in, it is going to be done well so that there is no need to turn elsewhere unless a specific user wants something to build upon it.

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