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June 10, 2014

InstaMD Health Monitor to Work with Apple's HealthKit

Healthcare startup InstaMD is currently hosting a campaign on Indiegogo for its InstaMD Multi-Use Headset. The device allows patients to monitor their own vital signs with their smartphones and tablets and send the data directly to their doctors. Beyond being a simple, easy way for patients to connect with their physicians, the Headset also marks a connection between companies because InstaMD reportedly hopes to have its device compatible with Apple's newly-announced HealthKit.

In a company announcement, InstaMD says its product can be used by individuals who have stated medical conditions or by health-conscious individuals who wish to keep abreast of their heart, lung, or GI sounds. The device works with any standard stethoscope. Patients use the headset and plugin device to hear and record amplified sounds through an app that works on both smartphones and tablets.

Once recorded, patients can connect with their doctors, if necessary, and upload vitals to centralized servers to which their doctors also have access. InstaMD says it product works well for patients who have problems with mobility or other issues that may prevent them from being able to reach the hospital for an appointment. It also can help eliminate the need for repeated hospital visits that are scheduled only to obtain such basic information. Doctor Subbarao Myla, co-founder of InstaMD, spoke about the product in the official announcement.

“We wanted our debut product to address a problem that affects people across entire world,” Myla said. “By making physician care accessible to all, the Multi-Use Headset is geared toward helping raise the standards of healthcare.”

“There are millions of patients worldwide that physically can’t travel to see a physician,” Myla continued. “InstaMD gives these patients an easy way to have their vital signs checked by licensed physicians without having to leave their homes.”

Apple announced its new HealthKit application at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference. The new addition to iOS 8, HealthKit helps users keep track of their fitness statistics and is able to interface with outside developers' hardware. The InstaMD Headset is the first product developed by company, and this is also Apple's first big jump into the world of health and fitness. The products may be able to work together to provide patients with a seamless health-tracking experience.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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