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January 14, 2014

Nonin Medical Launches Finger Pulse Oximeter Featuring Bluetooth Smart Wireless Technology

Athletes, pilots and quantified-self trackers seeking an accurate and convenient way to measure  their arterial blood oxygen saturation and heart rate may find it in Nonin Medical's newly launched NoninConnect Bluetooth smart wireless finger pulse oximeter.

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The product clips onto a user's fingertip and is equipped with a proprietary algorithm that tells users if their finger is placed correctly in order to obtain accurate readings. Users can store and share these readings by downloading either a Nonin or future third-party pulse oximetry solution application on their Bluetooth compatible iOS, Android or Windows mobile device.

"The NoninConnect offers significant advantages over other consumer pulse oximeters for personal health management," Mark VanderWerf, vice president of eHealth for Nonin Medical, said in a statement. "The NoninConnect is made with the same Nonin medical-grade pulse oximetry technology that we build into our professional pulse oximeters for patients, clinicians and the military. So consumers benefit from the same clinically proven accuracy – but without needing a doctor's prescription."

It is also durable, compact and portable, water-resistant, and works with most pediatric and adult finger sizes.

The NoninConnect also features a large and easy-to-read user-facing display, capture and send technology that automatically determines when a high-quality measurement is ready to be wirelessly transmitted, a long battery life, and low-energy wireless technology.

According the press release, VanderWerf said the low-energy wireless technology means that users of the device "don't need to drain their phone battery just to power their pulse oximeter."

In addition to the Bluetooth Smart wireless finger pulse oximeter, the Minneapolis-based company has developed various other noninvasive medical monitoring solutions such as the first regional oximetry system that automatically takes in consideration pediatric brain tissue development variation when measuring oxygen saturation levels.

Last year, Nonin introduced the world's first universal oximetry system that measures both pulse and regional oximetry. The system incorporates the company's patented SenSmart Universal Oximetry signal processor and provides users with side-by-side views of regional oximetry, pulse oximetry and pulse rate values.  It can help manage patients who are at risk for comprised oxygen saturation of the brain or other tissues, in addition to proactively identify oxygen delivery issues in the event of early intervention.

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