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May 29, 2013

QHR and MediResource Partnership Enhances Canada's Digital Disease Management

Canadian physicians will now have a new tool at their disposal in their battle for better outcomes for their patients. QHR Technologies' Electronic Medical Records (EMR) division has struck a deal with MediResource which will see the two health care technology companies integrate their platforms to better aid in chronic disease management.

As patient files move around digitally, the need for medical personnel to keep in constant touch with their patient's records rises. The new partnership aims to enhance efficiencies between the Canadian health care providers and patients and deliver disease management programs.

"We needed the greatest EMR partner,” said Paul Kostoff, CEO of MediResource Inc. “That partner is without question QHR, and the product is Accuro. In addition to being the largest EMR provider in Canada on a single EMR offering, they are the only EMR provider capable of reaching the largest number of both specialists and family practitioners."

MediResource's platform handles approximately 70 million annual visitors through pharmacy, employers, and online via mobile devices. The deal with QHR will expand this to physicians.

QHR's current offerings in the EMR market allow for computer-based medical records for family doctors and surgeons, as well as modules for billing and patient scheduling. In the Revenue Cycle Management market, QHR has approximately 1,500 payers that assist U.S. Healthcare providers to exchange claim information with local hospitals. Their Enterprise Management Software market takes care of integrated payroll, staff scheduling and human resource software. The company offers all three services under a bundle to target the health care system.

MediResource will be able to integrate with QHR's AccuroEMR platform and produce a complete picture of health care content and behavioral research, and it will do so at a low cost.

In the United States, an aging population coupled with health finance changes recently passed by Congress is pressuring hospitals, doctors and makers of drugs and devices to move away from their high-cost traditions.

Edited by Lacey Henry

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