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February 22, 2013

MedSpeed Strengthens Its Management Team, Appoints a New Vice President

MedSpeed LLC, an ISO-certified, technology-enhanced healthcare transportation solutions provider committed to growth and innovation is now strengthening its management team. It is in the process of appointing Chris Calhoun as its vice president of Information Technology.

Headquartered in Elmhurst, IL, MedSpeed is an HFMA peer-reviewed partner. It strengthens supply chain and overall business operations with the help of centralized healthcare transportation networks.

MedSpeed is an innovation driven company that has been leveraging technology. Its growing tech team will be expanding and enhancing MedSpeed’s proprietary technology platform under the expert guidance and leadership of Calhoun. He would currently be focusing on scalability, product innovation and improving efficiency of ongoing processes.

“Technology plays an essential role in providing high quality, efficient service and generating the information needed to make smart, informed business decisions,” said Bonni Kaplan, MedSpeed’s vice president of marketing. “It is crucial to our customers that our technology remains state-of-the-art and reliable and ensures accurate chain of custody to enhance the patient experience. Chris is highly knowledgeable about the healthcare industry, understands the challenges the industry faces today and knows how to successfully overcome these challenges.”

Calhoun comes with an impressive track record. He has more than 15 years of IT experience in product development, application development, project management and leadership. He was vice president and chief information officer for Pharos Innovations and led the expansion and development of Pharos technology platform. Before handling the responsibilities at Pharos, Calhoun was in senior technological leadership positions with McKesson and HealthCom Partners. He is experienced and an able leader with a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Dayton.

As an ISO-certified, technology-enhanced healthcare transportation solutions provider, MedSpeed manages supply chain and overall business operations through its efficiently managed centralized transportation networks. It has been granted the "Peer Reviewed by HFMA" designation, which is not an easy recognition to obtain. It is a rigorous 11-step objective third party evaluation of all of its products and services. The evaluation is conducted by the HMFA, Healthcare Financial Management Association.

With the appointment of Calhoun, MedSpeed aims at leveraging technology for further innovation, growth and expansion.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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