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February 21, 2013

The Health Industry Requests Changes in EHR

The surge of technology initially impacted the entertainment industry, particularly in areas of the Internet, gaming systems, computers and electronic devices. Today, however, it seems that every industry has begun to join forces with this revolution as it leads a new generation, one where healthcare and technology work collectively to advance in the field, including how efficiently health offices are managed.

If you are not a healthcare professional or have never worked in the medical field, you do not know how vital health records are and the immense problems a facility could face if such documents are lost, which is why most offices have tried to convert to the electronic health record (EHR) platform. However, according to the Black Book Ratings’ survey of the healthcare industry, many physicians are unhappy with current EHR applications.

Blackbook surveyed about 17,000 active EHR users for the survey, and participants included physicians, clinicians and health care professionals at hospitals, clinics and in-patient surgery centers. It found that up to 17 percent of health care professionals are looking to change their electronic health record platforms.

A popular request among the participants is EHR software that operates from the cloud, a recent innovational development in the industry. About 52 percent said that they were wanted a Web-based, application service provider as a service (SaaS) EHR platform.

Participants complained that EHR software companies have neglecting development issues and the one-size-fits-all EHR platforms have not met the needs of specialists, like lacking support for measurements by eye doctors. Vendors are also not making enough progress to enable physician networks to share data, and doctors would like to have better integration with practice management and revenue cycle management software.

The survey also addressed the mobility trend, which according Doug Brown, a managing partner with Black Book, mobile compatibly will be an important factor when doctors are making their decision on which HER platform to choose. Which makes perfect sense as the BYOD trend begins to infiltrate offices around the world, and could be especially useful in the medical industry where situations can occur that require emergency access to patient files.

As the medical industry moves forward with this new technology revolution in its daily office operation, it seems that professionals have many requests for it’s the platform it desires.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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