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February 05, 2013

HealtheConnections Partners with Mirth Corporation to Upgrade HIE

HealtheConnections, a Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO), has announced that it is partnering with Mirth Corporation to upgrade its Health Information Exchange (HIE) system.

“Mirth has a proven track record of implementing health information exchange systems for health care organizations large and small, across a wide array of geographic locations," said Rob Hack, executive director of HealtheConnections. "The company's HIE technology platform, including Mirth Connect, Mirth Results, Mirth Match and Mirth Mail applications, serves as a critical part of the architecture we are building that will provide the most value to our patients and providers. Their service-backed offerings break through the cost barriers and position us well to help our stakeholders improve patient care, drive continued adoption growth and achieve cost-saving opportunities."

HealtheConnections, pronounced “healthy connections,” serves around 1.4 million patients across 17 hospitals, six regional diagnostic centers and more than 100 private physicians’ practices and clinics in 11 counties in Central New York.

The partnership with Mirth will add statewide patient health record lookup, reporting of public health concerns and exchanges with the Veterans Health Administration.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with HealtheConnections, one of the country's true leaders in delivering an integrated electronic method for easily sharing key patient information," said Jon Teichrow, president of Mirth Corporation. "We're honored to have the opportunity to apply our robust and flexible software capabilities, as well as our real-world experience in deploying large-scale HIEs to support HealtheConnections in addressing its regional, statewide and national goals."

HealtheConnections’ partnership with Mirth allows it to comply with the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH), which requires healthcare providers to adopt Electronic Health Records.

"From our flagship product, Mirth Connect, a health care integration engine specifically designed for HL7 message integration, to our innovative data repository and clinical patient record viewer, Mirth Results, designed for the collection and aggregation of clinical data, we help our clients achieve the quality and efficiency in clinical care as well as an enhanced experience for the patient," Teichrow said.

HealtheConnections chose Mirth because its solutions were easy to integrate into HealthEConnections’ infrastructure, providing easy access to patient medical records, which is useful for both new patients and people who end up in emergency rooms.

"Mirth's strength is its flexibility – it has strong capabilities to send and receive information to and from physician practices especially," Hack said. "We see this capability as being extremely important in the two-way exchange of patient clinical history supporting coordinated patient care, patient lookup and referrals."

Edited by Braden Becker

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