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February 01, 2013

KLAS Recognizes Oracle's Financial/ERP Software

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Financials has earned some impressive recognition, gaining the title of best Financials/ERP software from KLAS. This is its second year the company has earned this ranking, further proving its reliability and effectiveness.

KLAS’s report involved 25 questions to rate products and vendors according to product quality, sales, contracting, functionality, service, and more. From the answers, they determined that Oracle’s comprehensive, end-to-end healthcare solutions were the best of the bunch.

The Financial/ERP market segment is defined by KLAS as enterprise resource planning vendor products, as well as components relating to asset management, accounting, human resources, and other similar services. The services offered by Oracle, such as the PeopleSoft 9.1, provide comprehensive and complete solutions that help healthcare organizations support best practices and reduce costs, keeping patients healthy and costs low.

“Oracle is honored to be named Best in KLAS for Financials/ERP in the healthcare market for two years running as it represents the voice of the customer,” said Marc Perlman, global VP of Oracle’s Healthcare and Life Sciences, in a statement. “Receiving this award is particularly significant as the rankings provide objective feedback in critical areas that indicate customer success and satisfaction. This award validates our ongoing commitment to delivering innovating solutions, such as Oracle’s PeopleSoft Financials, that help healthcare organizations gain the transparency needed to effectively and cost-effectively manage complex organizations and workforces.”

Oracle is doing well to have earned this recognition two years running. It has constantly strived to provide the best services possible, and according to KLAS, it already is. We can look forward to more innovation and even better services from Oracle in the coming years as it continues to prove what it can do for the healthcare industry, saving time, money, and lives.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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