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January 22, 2013

Boston Children's Hospital Replaces Traditional Pagers with Smartphone Service

Doctors at Boston Children's Hospital will no longer have to carry around pagers to communicate with their colleagues in the near future.

The hospital has decided to replace its traditional pagers with Onset Technology's OnPage Priority Messaging, a service that provides the same functionality that pagers do, but more efficiently and through the use of a smartphone.

Unlike traditional pagers, which require physicians to call back a number to retrieve a message and acknowledge receiving it, the HIPAA-compliant and secure messaging service will allow physicians to obtain the full message directly on their iPhone, Blackberry or Android device. Physicians will be continuously alerted until the message is read and will inform the message's sender of the status of his or her message, as to whether it was received and if it was read. This will both save time and eliminate the need to carry an additional communication device.

Additionally, doctors will be able to communicate either through a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, manage groups through the OnPage Console and maintain a log of communication for traceability purposes.

“Using OnPage, this progressive, forward thinking hospital is now bringing the same level of innovation to address its communication needs as it did to medical care for over a century,” Judit Sharon, CEO of Onset Technology, said in a statement;

“We are delighted to have the world-renowned Boston Children’s Hospital entrust their priority communications to OnPage. They tested our product against a major competitor over a large array of metrics and found OnPage to be superior. Forward-thinking hospitals and clinics are looking for HIPAA-compliant, secure, reliable, and traceable communication. We are proud to be their solution of choice.”

A new Pediatric Clinic also recently replaced its traditional paging devices with Onset Technology's virtual paging service to better meet the needs of its young patients.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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