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January 15, 2013

Supply Chains Moving to the Cloud: FarmaCorp Implements LogFire's Solution at its Distribution Center

When it comes to managed services, traditional proprietary solutions are no longer reputed with offering the flexibility and seamless integration needed for growing businesses and enterprises. This is clearly evident in FarmaCorp’s implementation of LogFire’s cloud-based warehouse management solution (WMS).

FarmaCorp S.A. is Bolivia’s fastest growing and most recognizable pharmaceutical retail chain, with more than 50 locations. The company is constantly working to improve its service and offer modern and innovative services nationwide.

This recent move is no doubt a step in that direction.

LogFire offers managed services and cloud-based supply chain execution solutions for retailers, manufacturers, ecommerce companies and logistics service providers, both big and small. Its flexible cloud-based solutions and SaaS pricing have been particularly attractive to supply chains like FarmaCorp looking to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, maintain quality and monitor and control their supply chain execution operational processes.

FarmaCorp selected LogFire’s WMS solution after reviewing its options and coming to the conclusion that LogFire’s solution would provide the scalability and flexibility needed to rapidly grow its business.

The solution was implemented at FarmaCorp’s distribution center in Santa Cruz.

According to the director of FarmaCorp, Ximena Parada, “Our overall goal was simple, to gain complete visibility inside our core activities and giving us an opportunity to reduce inadequacies, by inventory management and overall infrastructure management of our existing system.”

Since its implementation, FarmaCorp has improved its procedures and business processes immensely, increasing its overall order volume and demand.

LogFire’s open source technologies provide a mature, robust and scalable cloud-based environment that reduces client up-front costs and implementation timelines, and delivers continuous free system upgrades, making it superior to traditional onsite solutions.

The LogFire WMS can be hosted on-demand or on-premises. Its core products include its warehouse management system, a productivity tracking tool and a supply chain visibility dashboard.

With cost and effort required to implement and personalize a WMS, LogFire’s solution will no doubt help FarmaCorp to continue improving its business processes and overall returns.

Edited by Braden Becker

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