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January 10, 2013

HealthSpot's Potential to Change Healthcare Policies

With so many issues of our healthcare system being tossed around politics, it seems that arenas of technology are moving in to create solutions of their own – ones that could affect the way we go about rectifying these problems.

The medical field has begun to embrace the way the term “instant-gratification” is embedded within the workings of the digital era, and use it to benefit people’s health.

Vidyo has begun to collaborate with HealthSpot to create a method of video conferencing that could change the landscape for the way doctors communicate and respond to patients. HealthSpot is a company leading the way to the beginnings of a new industry that uses technology to increase the quality of our healthcare.

By fusing new technologically advanced companies with current products, new systems can be created for an even larger, more needful demographic.

Its latest creation is the Healthspot Station, a private, walk-in kiosk that offers patient access to diagnosis and treatment by doctors. This video conferencing platform and interactive digital device was enhanced by the help of Vidyo, the creators of the first commercially-successful video conferencing system.

The reason why healthcare issues are one of the biggest governmental concerns is because our health is the most important aspect of our lives. As we’ve seen with the partnership of HealthSpot and Vidyo, sources of technology are available that could help increase the quality and availability of healthcare services.

With the help of Vidyo’s Adaptive Video Layering architecture and scalable video codec, HealthSpot can begin to create optimal and consistent video and audio quality to produce the utmost natural doctor-patient interactions.  

The HealthSpot station can bring convenient care to consumers in pharmacies, students away at college, or people in the military. Undergoing a doctor visit inside a machine will change the game for how healthcare providers and insurances operate.

From a worldly perspective, this new station can bring healthcare to countries that lack it. It could potentially help children in third-world countries who’ve never even seen a doctor before. The notion that physical interaction and the issue of distance can be eliminated to provide quality healthcare can change the world, along with the problems in our own country.  

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