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January 08, 2013

More Healthy Trackers: Fitbit Flex

Living in such a fast paced world, where new products and trends are being pumped from the technology industry, it’s easy to become so enthralled in the virtual world that we forget about “real” activities (that dont involve a digital screen).

 In order to remind people of the importance of physical activities and their health, companies alike are creating new ways to capture user’s attention through technologically advanced products. This trend has been coined mHealth (mobile health), and has garnered the attention of both the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare providers.

According a report done by Research2guidence, a mobile research company, general tracking tools and fitness/nutrition applications receive the highest interest from health developers. In the wake of the new technology advanced health mobility trend, FitBit introduced its new collection at CES’s fitness gadget line up with the star of the new line being the Flex.

Fitbit Flex is a band-style personal fitness tracker that records how many steps you’ve taken, distance traveled, estimated calories burned through exercise and keep tabs on your overall activity level and quality of sleep. 

By double tapping the band, a stream of LEDs notifies you of how many goals you've reached for the day. Depending on how many of the five streams appear, the tracker will notify you on how many goals you achieved, serving as a way to motivate and stimulate activity through a silent reminder.

Although it has all the capabilities of the One and Zip, the Flex has created a different form of companionship and personalization with the consumer.

Just like Withings new Smart Tracker, Fitbit has created a syncing connection with Bluetooth to send fitness data.  However, Flex is the first fitness band to sync to the latest Bluetooth 4.0 standard and will soon be able to support the syncing of data to Android devices once an update becomes available.

With mHealth being analyzed by research companies, like GBI, and proven to show its innovational effects on personal health and the system as whole, products like Flex are vastly changing the landscape for not only technology, but the medical world.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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