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December 11, 2012

Trials and Triumphs of Two Successful Digital Signage Networks

There are many Digital out of Home, “DOOH”, health networks, but none that specifically address the needs of the African American community. America’s Minority Health Network, “AMHN”, is the largest provider of direct-to-patient healthcare education programming in African American waiting rooms. We currently have over 300 physician offices that subscribe to our place-based media. By understanding the specific needs of our audience, and working closely with the National Medical Association, we have successfully begun to address the void of health education awareness within the minority community. AMHN’s mission has always been to provide physicians, serving minority communities, with relevant health education programming that is advertiser supported. The key being to develop a network attractive enough that advertisers would be willing to fund it entirely, and with room to spare. But, this did not come without challenges.

We needed to prove the value of our specific DOOH network to the advertisers, which presented the question: How do you fund a network utilizing advertising dollars, when advertisers require a proven value before they will invest? 

We had to deliver a network that was engaging to our audience; or in this case the African American patient. To do so, content had to be relevant and include accurate information based on statistics related to health topics important and interesting to the minority patient. By providing metrics to the advertisers detailing the audience demographics, impressive Call to Action results, and proof of Ad Recall we were successful in securing advertising dollars.

In order to keep our network growing, we not only had to attract advertisers, but also build positive relationships with each physician by proving the value of our programming to their patients. Although it is fairly straight forward with regard to the content, some medical practices still have reservations regarding health education being provided via DOOH. Based on previous experience with other networks, not as demographically focused, doctors often voice concerns regarding content accuracy and segment topics, as well as, the practice’s ability to control network content. We addressed their concerns by developing a Medical Advisory Board that provides assistance by reviewing and approving all segment topics and participate in the selection of advertisers. We have been successful in running content and advertisements that have a positive impact on the patients and practices of our subscribers.

Digital out of Home allows advertisers the ability to communicate with a specific target audience. In addition, advertisers know where their audience’s next move will be. With more knowledge of the market, brands can create more specific advertisements and increase the efficiency of their messages allowing DOOH to be used as an element in their overall marketing solution.

In our efforts to grow the future business of the network, we are continually improving the content and audience experience, while staying focused on increasing the return on investment for advertisers. Although our network is still considered young in the DOOH industry, we are constantly learning through our trials and triumphs how to be the best network for our audience.   Thus far our testimonials and measurements give encouragement that we are making a difference each day. 

Author Shaneeka James will be co-presenting “Trials & Triumphs of two Successful Digital Signage Networks,” at Digital Signage Expo 2013 in Las Vegas on Wednesday, February 27 – 9-10am. For more information about DSE or to register to join this or any other seminar and learn about digital signage in healthcare go to

Edited by Brooke Neuman
By TMCnet Special Guest
Shaneeka James , President America�s Minority Health Network, Inc. ,

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