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November 29, 2012

Virtual Medical Kiosk Launched by ehealth Access

ehealth Access is launching a virtual medical kiosk that allows doctors to provide consultations to patients.

Via the kiosk, patients and doctors can communicate securely through phone, Web cams, video conferencing, messaging or chat.

Medical kiosks can be located in shopping malls, rural regions, small clinics or small hospitals, the company explained in a recent statement. They also can be located in businesses where they can serve the health needs of employees.

The virtual medical kiosk is embedded with a touchscreen, camera, diagnostic equipment, scanner and medical management software for a patient’s health records. Monitors include: stethoscope, Otto scope, scale and glucose meter.

It provides patients consultations with doctors around the clock.  In India, for example, 65 percent of the citizens do not have access to modern medicine, with only 13 percent getting access to primary healthcare centers. Also, fewer than 10 percent of the people even have access to a hospital.

In addition, those who live in rural areas of the country are less likely to see a doctor. Some 80 percent of doctors, 75 percent of dispensaries and 60 percent of hospitals are found in cities in India.

“Access to a primary healthcare system in India is perceived a challenge, the Virtual Medical Kiosk devised by ehealth Access aims to change this perception forever," Jayadeep Reddy, CEO of ehealth Access, said in the recent statement.

“Using technology as an enabler and accelerator we are leveraging the massive penetration of mobile and internet usage with technology innovations in connected devices and help doctors reach out to more patients,” the company added in the statement. “This will be the corner stone for making India Healthy by 2020."

The company through its website provides healthcare services over the Internet and the phone, from specialists in gynecology, dermatology, gastroenterology, cardiology and psychology.

The offering is unique, but other technology companies also are providing e-health services. For instance, Vitera Healthcare Solutions, a provider of electronic health records and practice management software, has introduced Hands-On Lab, a virtual product that gives training to customers.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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