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November 08, 2012

Nvoq Announces Joint Marketing Agreement with Mi-Corporation to Create a Streamlined Workflow

Earlier this week, a provider of web-based solutions using voice recognition to speed workflow, nVoq Incorporated, announced a joint marketing agreement with an industry-leading Mobile Forms Software company, Mi-Corporation (Mi-Co).

For the home health and long term care industries, such as OASIS or MDS, nVoq and Mi-Co will collaborate to deliver voice-enabled versions of commonly used templates with their reseller networks. For other healthcare settings, like ambulatory clinics and hospitals, the companies will also develop other voice-enabled e-Forms.

"For those organizations seeking to improve compliance and reduce the burden of data entry for nurses in particular, the combination of Mi-Co's Mi-Forms coupled with nVoq's SayIt affordable voice engine provides a unique value proposition," said Charles Corfield, CEO and founder of nVoq. 

He added that in order to minimize the amount of manual effort needed to complete forms like OASIS, it can create a streamlined workflow. At the point of care, nurses can use voice or an automated pen to enter data directly into a template. That same data is then available for quality review and submission for reimbursement within seconds.

Greg Clary, CEO and co-founder of Mi-Co, stated that the ability to make a real impact on caregiver productivity and morale is exciting for them. Quick and accurate turnaround is needed by organizations which rely on these forms for reimbursement. Using SayIt, it not only automates the form itself, but can use voice to script the flow of responses so less time is needed to complete each page.

To quickly, accurately and securely capture data while automating workflow, SayIt is web-based speech recognition software that uses Microsoft Speech Application Programming Interface. Provider of solutions for the customer care and healthcare industries, nVoq is a privately backed, Boulder, Colo. The market's leading Tablet e-Forms software platform, Mi-Co is the developer of Mi-Forms.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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