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October 15, 2012

British Telecom and Aspera Unite For Life Sciences R&D

Saving lives is not only the responsibility of doctors, as technology plays an important part in today’s life sciences industry. With British Telecom (BT) and Aspera merging their cloud-based services, there is new hope of more discoveries to be made in the life sciences field.

The new merger is in response to the accelerating requirements of the life sciences vertical for managing and supplying critical medical research and development data across different locations. The ingenious union will be deployed across Life Sciences R&D operations.

With the rapid advancement in medicine and life sciences, scientists regularly need to manage, share, process and transfer gigantic amounts of data across multiple R&D locations; however, the data being in terabytes is impossible to transmit to be worked upon through the traditional paper based system. Even transferring the data stored via hard disk across different continents becomes difficult.

It is essential that the research findings must be immediately shared and updated so lives can be savedl, thus, BT for Life Sciences R&D was launched by Aspera and BT Connect.     

Bas Burger, BT Connect president for global commerce, said that researchers will be highly pleased with the competitive advantage introduced by our new cloud based platform. He added that by uniting with Aspera, BT has developed an intelligent technology solution that will effortlessly network silos across the globe. 


The new-fangled cloud-based infrastructure will allow various pharmaceutical companies to handle and process their data efficiently, while reducing their cumbersome process of manual data transfers, data redundancy and overhead costs. Moreover, this innovative platform will allow swift and secure file transfers – all while adhering to the industry’s compliance.

With original and patented fasp file transfer system from Aspera, several R&D Life Sciences branches will be connected in a loop that would exchange the significant experimental and research data in speedy, flexible and secure manner. And, Aspera’s powerful platform has been possible with the joint capabilities of BT Connect.   

Michelle Munson, co-founder and chief executive officer of Aspera, said that they had found a true friend in BT Connect with their optimum level of protection, essential for the Aspera-powered cloud platform.

Aspera claims that with its cloud services, Life Sciences R&D will be able to accelerate its operations, functions, and productivity. The fresh technology will allow them to break the barriers that previously hindered their business goals. With supreme bandwidth, they can noq effortlessly and competently exchange gigantic amounts of data. They no longer need to worry about poor network conditions, the distance between R&D locations or the size of the data.    

The cloud enabled communication services will deliver information through spontaneously planned user interface. This system integrates features that permit data encryption, real-time visual monitoring, data integrity verification, controlling bandwidth, and the robust ability to share information in an absolute secure environment.

The new alliance will prove to be advantageous to companies that are yet to explore how this inventive cloud services can help them streamline their R&D department and ease the flow of information across different locations on the globe, while being compliant with the industry regulations.

Recently, as chair of the NGS analysis workflow optimization sessions at Bio-IT World Europe Conference & Expo, Aspera co-founder and president, Michelle Munson, delivered the opening remarks and presented "High-Speed Data Movement for Effective Global Collaboration in Genomic Research.”

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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