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July 24, 2012

Pedia Nurse Unveils New Pediatric Nurse Triage System

Normally, when people think of "triage" they think about doctor shows on television as opposed to how triage impacts the lives of small children. But it's a concern that should be expressed, and recently, Pedia Nurse -- a division of Nurse Alert -- unveiled its newest service designed to help in performing triage on small children, the Pedia Nurse 24-Hour Nurse-Line Services.

The Pedia Nurse 24-Hour Nurse-Line Services are geared toward providing immediate, rapid help for what may well be the most trying time in any parent's life: the time when their child gets sick late at night or in the early morning. Essentially, the Pedia Nurse 24-Hour Nurse-Line Services can be split into three basic parts: there's the stationary console, a small box that fits on a phone stand, countertop or what have you to serve as the primary connection between users and the Nurse-Line Service. It has a big orange emergency button to press when a connection needs to be established. Next, there's the wireless remote, which allows for a rapid two-way connection even when a user isn't near the stationary console. Lastly, there's the mobile app that allows most any app-capable smartphone to be used as a connection to the Nurse-Line Service.

Once a user is connected, regardless of time of day, the call center then goes through its network of 30 hospitals, and over 1,000 individual physicians, to provide the answers and plans that parents of young children so need during the times their children are sick. It's a subscription service, and prices start at just $29.95 a month, with a one-time set-up fee of $34.95, which will likely pay for itself in terms of peace of mind alone, let alone the relief that comes from actually having a sick child taken care of in rapid fashion.

It may well be every parent's nightmare to have a sick child on their hands at a time when the pediatrician's office is closed. Trying to figure out how to address said sick child's needs without medical qualifications, or by trying to go to the emergency room, is an unsettling process to say the least. But the combination of call center technology and sheer medical know-how produces what may well be the ultimate in solutions for concerned parents, and a smart idea for the Nurse-Line service as well. Technology has a lot to offer in terms of solutions, and the Pedia Nurse 24-Hour Nurse-Line Services looks like it will be the answer to a lot of parents' pleas.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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