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April 27, 2012

Extend Health Acknowledged by Coventry Health Care for No Customer Complaints in 2011

Extend Health, a provider of health benefits management services, was recognized for its exceptional performance from the Bethesda, Maryland-based Coventry Health Care, Inc. Extend Health, which is also behind the nation's largest private Medicare exchange, received two first place awards for excellent customer service performance by a partner in 2011.

The awards acknowledged the following achievements by Extend Health:

  • Zero customer complaints conveyed to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) by seniors signing up for Coventry private Medicare supplement plans through Extend Health
  • The lowest 90-day plan cancellation rate – called rapid disenrollment – which, at just 0.5 percent, was far less than the typical rate.

Extend Health got the two mentioned awards from the Coventry Health Care at the National Distribution Partner Medicare Meeting in Scottsdale, Ariz., March 20–22, 2012.

The reason Extend Health has been able to maintain its formidable reputation is by avoiding some common industry mistakes. For one, it ensures no errors are made in the paperwork, and avoids manually processing paperwork.

It is also guaranteed that all pertinent enrollment information is communicated electronically to Coventry, and seniors interested in Coventry's Medicare plans through Extend Health are guided through the complete process by telephone.

"Extend Health has grown to be one of our most effective partners in assisting seniors in comparing, choosing and enrolling in Medicare plans that meet their needs," said Armando Luna, Jr., Coventry's Medicare Marketing & Sales Vice President. "Selecting a Medicare plan is one of the important health care decisions a senior can make, and having a partner like Extend Health, who consistently helps remove worry and obstacles, is extremely valuable."

Another reason for the success of Extend Health is the incorporation of powerful decision-support tools into its plans. All plans are also evaluated by taking into consideration seniors' unique health care and lifestyle profiles.

"The Coventry awards speak to the high priority both our organizations place on ensuring seniors have a high-quality experience in both enrolling through our private Medicare exchange as well as in ongoing customer service and support," said Colin Rogers, Vice President of Carrier Services for Extend Health. "Coventry is an outstanding example of how our partners ensure seniors feel welcomed and are offered peace of mind throughout the life of their Medicare plan enrollment."

Edited by Braden Becker

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