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May 16, 2012

Claim Scrubbing for Small Practices

A study conducted by Weatherby Healthcare shows that 44 percent of physicians of small family practices do not follow the advice they give to patients about finding healthier ways to eliminate stress. Many of these physicians would like to take more vacations, spend extra time with the family, participate in community events, etc. Perhaps now they can. Small practitioners often carry heavier burdens than physicians who work in larger institutions, since resources like high tech administrative tools, are unavailable to them. While some doctors are playing golf, some are juggling tasks they didn’t sign up for when they decided to go to medical school. Claim scrubbing technology was once exclusively available to hospitals and universities, but Kareo, Inc, has designed a scaled-down version of a high tech claims solution, and it is available immediately and free of charge for Kareo’s clients.

"Small practices face many of the same billing complexities as larger organizations, yet they do not have the time or resources to devote to fixing claim errors. So we have introduced advanced claim scrubbing technology bundled with every Kareo plan -- an incredible value,” Kareo’s CEO, Dan Rodrigues tells the press.

Kareo, a company familiar to most for their cloud-based practice management and affordable billing software, will now offer small practices affordable claim-scrubbing technology for as little as $69 a month. The claim-scrubbing feature runs on a cloud-based infrastructure, keeping billing practices up-to-date.

With Kareo’s solution, small practices can benefit from a more stream-lined billing operation that ultimately saves time and money.  What was once a luxury for small practices is now an attainable way to reduce billing errors and expedite transactions with insurance companies. Claim scrubbing technology is an ideal method for operating a small practice over hosted billing -- or even more primitive -- letting the bills pile up while picking up the smoking habit they warn their patients about.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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