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January 30, 2013

Healthcare Realty Switches from Citrix to Panzura to Manage Properties

Healthcare Realty (HR) has chosen Panzura as its cloud-based solution for managing its real estate properties. Panzura will use its Global Cloud Storage System and an EMC Atmos private cloud to manage and share HR’s sensitive data seamlessly throughout the company.

Founded in 1992, HR focused on medical real estate and created a board of leaders from all areas including real estate, healthcare, and finance. Together the board “formulated a strategy that viewed real estate from a long-term business perspective, balancing the interest of health systems, physicians, and the company by providing real estate ownership, property management, leasing and development.”

To maintain the ability to share files and data, HR previously used Citrix as its cloud-based platform. Citrix was relied on as the main solution to access files, share documents and improve overall quality.

However, after multiple integration and performance issues, HR began looking for a new solution. “We really struggled with Citrix to provide our distributed users over more than 30 offices rapid access to files we need to run our business,” said Robert Dillard, associate vice president of Technology Services at HR.

“Panzura allows rapid, secure serving of files to any user regardless of location, seamlessly integrating with the cloud as a very low flexible storage tier that can instantly scale to whatever capacity we need. Users love it.”

Panzura simplifies the way file-based storage is deployed, managed and protected, while adding features and capabilities that can be personalized to allow for collaboration and open discussion.

“Panzura’s Global Cloud Storage System enables enterprise-class cloud storage with NAS-like functionality for a globally-distributed workforce,” said Panzura. “This storage system is comprised of three seamlessly integrated parts: The Quicksilver Cloud Storage Controller, the Panzura OS, and the Panzura CloudFS file system. Together, they enable true global file sharing and projection of collaboration.”

“We are very pleased HR realized such a strong value in the Panzura cloud storage solution,” said Randy Chou, CEO of Panzura. “Panzura’s robust global file system platform combined with the scalability and cost benefits will allow HR to grow at lower cost and higher productivity.”

Edited by Brooke Neuman