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August 20, 2012

Infotrieve Debuts New Version of its Mobile Library

Recently, Infotrieve unveiled a new version of its Mobile Library platform, Mobile Library Rx. According to the company, this new version facilitates the sharing of clinical information between life sciences sales and marketing professionals, as well as healthcare professionals.

Infotrieve provides solutions that make personal and corporate e-resources available on a desktop, laptop and tablet device. The company also offers immediate access to a complete catalog of scientific, technical and medical content.

No matter where the end users are and what device they choose to work on, the company’s cloud-based solutions offer a single, easy-to-use, completely safe gateway to all e-content.

As users look for opportunities to educate and dialogue with physicians, the new version enables streamlined real-time sharing of pre-authorized articles and other materials with external partners, notable for pharmaceutical sales/marketing professionals.

Offering easily accessible information for call follow-through, reps and marketing professionals can track the number of article views and forwards, making feedback immediately available and manageable with independent recipient lists through the system’s unique closed-loop marketing model.

The new Mobile Library Rx allows pre-selected and specialty-targeted peer-reviewed journal articles to be shared with physicians on the spot, from an iPad, smartphone, PC or any device with a browser, even with the increasingly lesser time physicians give to sales reps.

The company recently introduced a suite of completely secure social media and collaboration tools for its Mobile Library. With this, the company added abilities such as virtual workgroups, sharing and collaboration, annotating, rating and reviewing, apart from the feature to follow colleagues to its award winning cloud-based e-content access and management software.

Mobile Library was initially introduced in September 2010 as a fully-secure, anywhere, anytime gateway to corporate.

Edited by Braden Becker