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July 23, 2012

Total Therapeutic Management: Changing the Way Medical Research is Done

When most people hear the words “peer review” or “medical research,” they often think of a group of doctors and scientists in lab coats performing countless hours of experiments and running complex tests on various strains of diseases, and then deriving a possible solution to some medical ailment they’ve never heard of.

There might be some truth in that, but just as we’re all becoming a bit more tech-savvy with various gadgets and diving into the Web, so are the world’s medical professionals.

The Total Therapeutic Management (TTM) organization has just launched the first interactive,online medical academic detailing program in the nation. Dubbed iClin-Engager, this Web-based peer-to-peer network helps providers connect with peers for the sake of sharing educational information and medical research.

"What really sets this virtual academic detailing program apart from typical provider education programs is that we can provide meaningful peer-reviewed best practice information and guidance down to the individual patient level," said Ed Perez, CEO at Total Therapeutic Management. "Providers who have gone through the program are highly enthusiastic about the presentations and have noted that they will begin integrating the provider tools and patient tools into their practice to improve patient outcomes.” 

Clinicians share patient population statistics – such as the demographics of specific diseases and conditions – converse on them a little bit, and work to come up with solutions and better methods of treatment, in a classic peer-reviewed manner.

So not only do they get interaction that might not typically be available using conventional methods, but iClin-Engager makes it possible for both providers and clinicians to always have the most up-to-date and accurate information on industry-related topics and issues.

The program also plays a large role in improving quality control practices such as Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set and Medicare Star ratings. Overall, iClin-Engager helps to improve the quality and knowledge base of health plans across the U.S.

Edited by Braden Becker