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July 11, 2012

Arthritis Associates of South Florida Leverages Digital Pen Technology from Anoto and NextGen Healthcare

The Arthritis Associates of South Florida has witnessed a number of benefits since it deployed digital pen and paper technology from Anoto Group and NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC. These results were even more visible when they imported medical family and social history into their EHR solution.

"The information and health history we capture is invaluable in our being able to determine a diagnosis,” said Steven I. Goodman, M.D. “Now patients can just fill out forms with the digital pen and we can quickly capture details, such as where they are having pain, how severe it is, what makes it better and what makes it worse. Now, when I walk into the room, I have access to everything I need – it's all right there."

Arthritis Associates of South Florida focuses on adult and pediatric rheumatology. Different cases of arthritis and autoimmune disorders are treated without having the patient undergo surgery.

In the past, notes from patient visits would get dictated and transcribed during a three-day time frame. Now, all the patient has to do is to use a digital pen to fill out a form to have relevant data immediately entered into the practices EHR system. This clearly brings in increased speed and efficiency.

"Digital pen and paper technology is enabling healthcare organizations like Arthritis Associates of South Florida to increase efficiencies while also helping them to move toward achieving Meaningful Use,” said Pietro Parravicini, senior vice president area manager Americas for Anoto. “Digital pens can quickly capture important information and are very easy to use for staff and patients alike, resulting in immediate benefits."

The handwritten information from the patient gets automatically entered onto a chip in the digital pen. After the form is filled out completely, the data in the pen gets transferred via a computer docking station, later converted into electronic data for immediate use.

The solution also allows practices to maintain other important details such as smoking history, race and demographic information.

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Edited by Braden Becker