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August 17, 2011

Toumaz Installs Berkeley Design Automation Analog FastSPICE Platform

Targeting the healthcare market and seeking new opportunities for pro-active monitoring and improved quality of patients care, Toumaz, a provider of ultra-low energy wireless telemetry technologies, has selected the Berkeley Design Automation’s AFS Platform for RF block characterization and full-circuit transceiver verification.

Berkeley Design Automation is company working in nanometer circuit verification. Berkeley offers nanometer circuit verification platform, Analog FastSPICE, with exceptional application expertise to uniquely address nanometer circuit design challenges.

"For over four years we have relied on the AFS Platform for full-circuit verification of our ultra-low-power transceivers for medical applications," said Alan Wong, head of IC design for Toumaz. "We use the full-spectrum AFS RF periodic noise analysis for characterizing our post-layout RF blocks and the simulation results are within 1-2dB of silicon measurements."

The Analog FastSPICE Platform is the nanometer circuit verification platform for analog, RF, mixed-signal, and custom digital circuits. It offers foundry-certified nanometer SPICE accuracy 5x-10x faster than any other simulator on a single core and an additional 2x-4x performance with multithreading.

According to a press release, for circuit characterization, the AFS Platform includes the industry’s only comprehensive silicon-accurate device noise analysis and delivers near-linear performance scaling with the number of cores and for large circuits, it delivers >10M-element capacity, the near-SPICE-accurate simulation, and co-simulation with leading Verilog simulators. Available licenses include AFS circuit simulation, AFS Transient Noise Analysis, AFS RF Analysis, AFS Co-Simulation, and AFS Nano SPICE.

"We are very proud of our continuing relationship with Toumaz, a company of ultra-low energy wireless telemetry technologies for medical monitoring and internet-connected consumer devices," said Ravi Subramanian, president and CEO of Berkeley Design Automation. "The full- circuit transceiver verification and full-spectrum RF block characterization that the AFS Platform delivers enable Toumaz to meet their design quality and time-to-market objectives."

 In other company news, HealthTechZone reported that Toumaz has launched a new ultra-low –energy wireless radio system on – a-chip for two –way communication.

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