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November 10, 2022

Innovaccer Transforms Healthcare Contact Centers

Contact centers for healthcare traditionally provide patients with options to enter personal information before sending them to an agent. However, when the call is forwarded to an agent, the patient is asked the same questions again, defeating the purpose of the first phase of the call. Redundant work is frustrating and time consuming for the patient and the agent and increases the time it takes to address health concerns.

Healthcare contact centers needed a transformation, and the Innovaccer Experience Center is set to fulfill the transformation by moving the contact center more toward an integrated, data-driven, consumer experience center for healthcare frontline agents.

The Innovaccer Experience Center, powered by the Innovaccer Health Cloud’s data and analytics platform, enables agents to devote their attention on serving the consumer through a single pane of glass.

Through the center, caller profiles that combine clinical, demographic, behavioral and engagement data into a comprehensive patient view are accessed by agents. These omnichannel, 360-degree patient profiles put every previous engagement at the agent’s fingertips.

Contextualized healthcare workflows enable agents to set multiple appointments, do referrals, register patients for events, record grievances and cross-sell or up-sell services. Also, integrated, automated task routing across departments enables agents to get to first-call resolution more quickly and accurately.

The center’s live dashboards allow agents to improve their teams’ performance by assessing call metrics as they happen. Consistent call logging and enhanced CTI call reports provide visibility into customer engagements and touchpoints. This enables supervisors to assess agent performance through reports that track call abandonment rate, first call resolution rate, average calls per day, appointments scheduled and appointment completion rates.

To top it off, insights provided on a single visual allow contact center agents to increase the number of calls handled per day by 70% and decrease call logging time up to 65%, according to Innovaccer.

“We’re empowering providers to give consumers the integrated experience they want, which strengthens loyalty and drives better business performance, instantly shifting your contact center from being response focused to growth focused,” said Gary Druckenmiller Jr., general manager, customer relationship management at Innovaccer.

The Innovaccer Experience Center unifies patient and consumer data across all stages of the healthcare journey by providing a single point of insight, a single point of actions and a single point of contact for faster, more effective and more personalized consumer experiences.

Edited by Erik Linask
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