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August 29, 2022

Web3.0 Projects

We live in a digital world. Every day we receive the news about new devices. Digitalization makes our life easier. This applies not only to work but also to leisure. While working, you can connect with your customers from different parts of the world. During your leisure time, you can play the newest casino online and have the same experience as visiting a casino. Digitalization is conquering our life step by step.

The biotech industry has been working without a proper result for decades. As a rule, private companies buy them and control them as they want to. More and more organizations are trying to avoid such results and become more independent.  They democratize intellectual property and data in the life sciences.

The impact of Web3.0 is not only on the Internet but also on conservative industries. Many scientific discoveries are in the public domain or difficult to replicate, and the impact of this impact is decentralized. We talk about some DAOs that work in the field of biotechnology.


They were seeking industrial standards. That is how BioDAO was created. for funding various biotech and drug projects. The main goal of this DAO is to create its unique standard and avoid negative cooperation with different labs. On the other hand, they are willing to cooperate with them to open new discoveries.

You can become a member of BioDAO. You need to buy Bio tokens on several platforms or choose some intellectual scientific work that will give you tokens. Token holders can vote on operational and strategic decisions made by the DAO.

BioDAO stops funding the development of treatments. It is based on artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. He would later expand his focus to closures and other technologies such as meat farming. The ultimate goal is to fund 25-30 projects over the next five years. Biodao is a non-profit organization. He hints that participants receive other benefits, including an increase in the share of current and an increase in their cost.


CureDAO is a source code platform for the study of food, drug, and human health foods. Despite the dramatic increase in high health scores accumulated by apps over the past ten years, health spending has risen without any observable disruption to public health. CureDAO prevents this by many factors.

In particular, all this data is too scattered and does not allow us to check how to improve lifestyle for disease prevention. Also, many health apps tend to duplicate each other in functionality, resulting in a waste of fun.

The CureDAO platform collects data on all types of diseases to share with you. So you won't get infected by any cases. You are free to donate to the platform and store your data in it, so in case of need, it can restore your health if handled properly.

The platform is also associated with the use of large amounts of resources, seeking to reduce the cost of software development.


GenomesDAO is a project from the UK. This project positions itself as a spokesperson for popular D2C genome sequencing companies such as 23andMe. Such services return analysis of the client's genome. It also provides him with personalized information about his disappearance and state of health. But they often collect user data and sell it.

GenomesDAO has partnered with Nebula Genomics to provide the same services. But the data is found in the company sample where it is encrypted and rare only with voters.

When a partner company is interested in sharing its data or getting access to the person’s genomic data it will proceed with the payment. Based on them, you can even create a personalized NFT.

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