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July 21, 2022

The Essential Portable Care Equipment

If you are a carer, or you have found yourself looking after an elderly friend or relative, then you need to be equipped with all the tools of the trade. Modern technology has made care work more efficient and effective than ever. Now, you’re able to carry all the equipment you need with you and provide the best care possible no matter what. So what is the most essential portable care equipment?

Oxygen Concentrators

People in need of care often experience issues with their oxygen levels. This can take the form of tiredness, being out of breath, and even confusion. If you’re away from home with the person you care for, you can’t be caught short if a situation like this arises.

Luckily, technology has come to the rescue and now you can buy portable oxygen concentrators. These devices will allow you to gain a supply of fresh, concentrated oxygen for those in need. This can get the person you are caring for back on their feet with a new bounce in their step. Do your research today and find the best portable oxygen concentrator for you.

Mobility Aids

Many elderly people or people with disabilities may experience significant issues with their mobility. It’s good to encourage people to walk on their own as much as possible to keep their bodies active, but this isn’t always possible. Whether it’s just for a bad day, or a daily need, you should have some mobility aids to hand.

There is an array of lightweight portable mobility aids available online. Using modern aluminum frames and components mixed with innovative foldable designs, a rollator or walking stick is more transportable than ever. Don’t wait until it’s too late with mobility and be prepared, you never know when it may save the day.

Be Prepared

The worst thing when caring for another person is being caught off guard. There is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders if you take on a care role, so you should always be prepared for any eventuality. This means that help should always be to hand, and you should have the equipment you need on your person.

A portable first aid kit is a great idea to have in your bag for any eventuality. If mobility has become a problem, then trips and falls may start to become more frequent, so it’s worth having wipes and bandages to hand in case of any nasty accidents.

Bringing Services to You

When you are caring for someone in need, there’s a good chance that there are health complications you have to deal with. This can mean frequent trips to the hospital or doctor’s surgery for tests, treatments, and even surgeries.

Thankfully, you can begin to bring down the amount of tiring and stressful hospital trips with mobile healthcare services. For example, IV treatment is used to administer fluids and medications directly into the bloodstream. This can be an essential part of many people’s treatments, and until recently you had to make a trip to the hospital every time. Now, you can make the most of mobile IV treatment services that will come and provide the treatment in your own home.

In Case of Emergencies

While the person you are caring for is out of the house, it can become a full time job to simply keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t do anything dangerous. You are unlikely to be able to keep your eye on them constantly, so to cover the gaps you can provide them with a little emergency help.

A key ring alarm can be a very essential tool. If the person you are caring for gets lost, confused, or takes a fall and can’t get up, then simply pulling this alarm attached to their keys will blare out a sound to attract attention and get help. This could even be life-saving, if the person in your care falls and can’t get up, or gets stuck or disorientated somewhere. It’s best to be prepared for any eventuality.

Caring for someone is never going to be an easy job, but with this portable care equipment to hand, it should be a lot easier. You need to be flexible and prepared for any situation when taking the person you’re caring for out into the world. If you have the equipment and capability to help them in any surroundings, then you’ll find you can relax a little and enjoy your day out with them.

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