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February 18, 2022

4 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Dog's Health

Technology for dogs is every pet owner's dream come true! There can never be enough that you do for your dog, and yet many times pet owners fall short of time. What if we told you there are great gadgets and tech devices that can give your pet all the attention and care it needs? Here are four tech gadgets that help you safeguard your dog's health!

Wifi-Enabled Cameras

Wifi-enabled cameras are a great way to keep a tab on your dog's whereabouts and activity levels. Mount a camera on the dog kennel facing the entire expanse of your backyard to ensure you have a dog view of your dog. You can access this feed from your work desk and periodically check on your dog's wellbeing. With 2-way voice communication, a beckoning bark from your anxious dog can send you instant alerts on your smartphone. Send him voice messages at the tap of a button so you can calm him down and restore his mental state of mind

Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

Don't wait until you back from work to clean out your dog's litter box. Harmful germs, bugs and bacteria can soon develop around the droppings, posing a risk to your dog's health and wellbeing. Self-cleaning litter boxes is a revolutionary technology that does away with faeces immediately, leaving your dog's environment clean and fresh. Program this device to clear out as soon as the droppings are in, so you can breathe easy!

Smart Collars

There are various technologies for advanced health monitoring in pets. But the easiest by far is smart collars. Smart Collars track everything from your dog's heart rate to blood pressure and metabolism. Smart Collars also offer live location features to let you know where your four-legged friend is camping. Collars can connect with your smartphone to tablet to share feeds of your dog's health parameters throughout the day. Sync this data with various pet dietary applications to throw up optimal meal plans for your furry friend. These apps also share desired activity levels necessary for your dog to keep good health.

Smart Bells

Most often technology is used to help humans out in being better pet parents. Here's something that helps dogs communicate with their family better! Train your pet to tap onto his Smart bell every time he wants to attend to Nature's Call. Smart Bells can be programmed and synced with devices across the house including your Smart Home device, phone, tablet and more. One tap on the bell and you will know your pet wants your help in relieving himself. Aside from this, you can sign Bells and signals for various necessities such as Hunger, thirst, play, attention and more. This ensures your dog communicates well with you and caters to his physical and psychological requirements. You can install this on a dog kennel and allow it to transmit a signal to multiple devices at once. My Dog Supplies has the best dog kennels in Melbourne that support mounting various technological devices on them.

We hope you love this dog pampering list as much as we do!

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