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November 30, 2021

Technological Innovations That Help Us Sleep Better at Night

As new technologies are developed, they become part of our lives. Some are complex, and some are simple, but all can change how we interact with others and ourselves. There are many examples of how these innovations serve a purpose in our daily lives, from communication to entertainment. The one thing they all have in common is their influence on how we perceive our world, whether it is making tasks much easier or expanding what we thought were boundaries in what was possible.

One such example of this would be how technology has improved a person's ability to sleep better at night. Before there were technological advancements in devices made specifically for sleeping better at night, people had to rely on traditional remedies lavender oil or counting sheep. With the help of technology, people can find much better options in both keeping track of their sleep schedule and also in helping them not have insomnia.

There can be many adverse side effects due to lack of adequate sleep; some include moodiness and irritability. Lack of sleep has also been known to cause poorer performance in performing tasks throughout the day because it adversely affects both mental and physical ability. This article will explore some of the technological advancements that have improved how people sleep at night.

1. The Sleep Cycle App

The Sleep Cycle app was developed to monitor a person's sleep patterns throughout a night's sleep. It can find the optimal times for a person to wake up and also helps keep track of when a person falls asleep, how long it takes them to fall asleep, and other details about their sleeping schedules that they may have never noticed before. This knowledge allows users to change their daily activities if they know these things about their habits.

2. Homedics Sound Spa Machine

If you are looking for help with insomnia or problems sleeping, this sound machine from homedics is designed specifically to help people relax at night and fall asleep more quickly. The white noise machines can be used for people of all ages and can be used as a way to block out any unwanted noises that might either wake you up or disturb your sleep. This machine is also designed with small speakers that are able to play sounds at low-intensity levels, which makes them perfect for sleeping.

3. The Jawbone Up Wristband

The Jawbone Up wristband was made to fit the user's lifestyle by tracking their overall activity throughout the day. This device can monitor how much movement is done during one's sleep cycle and provide encouragement through social media integration to keep users motivated towards getting better rest. It is even programmed with an application that gives users alarms within 30 minutes prior to when they should start waking up in the morning after a night's sleep.

4. The SAD Light Box

A lightbox can be a great solution for those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD because it emits full-spectrum natural light, which helps simulate how nature illuminates our world without any artificial sources of light around us. This specific device even allows users to choose different colors that they would like to see on this device that replicates sunlight from what one might see outdoors throughout the year. It even emulates the sunrise and the sunset every single time you use it!

5. Sound Asleep Pillow

Some individuals have even found using their pillow to be a way to perform tasks that can help them fall asleep. The Sound Asleep Pillow has been designed to play natural sounds of crickets chirping, thunderstorms, or any other sound people can choose from. These sounds are programmed into the memory on this rechargeable device and can emit them in the air when they are needed without disturbing others around you.

7. SomnoDent Oral Sleep Apnea Device

For people who suffer from sleep apnea, some devices help them keep their air passageways open throughout the night. This way, they do not get woken up through choking or snoring sounds that can be very disruptive while sleeping. There are different forms of these devices depending on how severe one's sleep apnea is. SomnoMed, based in Australia, offers this customized device that can be created specifically for a patient inside their dental clinic.

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