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August 19, 2021

How Chicago Business Owners are Changing the Marketing Game

Chicago has always done things their own way. So it is no surprise when it comes to business owners in the city, they are brave enough to venture out and do their own thing in the marketing world too.

The windy city is one of the most interesting conglomerates of life—with a big city feel combined with small-town Midwest values. People from all different walks of life call this city home and it is the unique range of businesses that aid to the uniqueness of the city.

For business owners, setting up shop in Chicago can be a profitable decision, especially because they have the ability to change up the marketing game and really make a bold statement with their brand.

We’ve rounded up the top ways in which Chicago business owners are changing the marketing game in one of the coolest cities in America.

1. Making a Foodie Statement

Chicago loves their food. The culinary scene here is something that everyone is passionate about. But businesses don’t have to be in the hospitality industry to play into the foodie part of the city. Business owners are partnering with a range of ethnically diverse restaurants to enhance their brand awareness and tap into a passionate audience who are already loyal to the brands they love. From giveaways to unique pop-ups, these foodie marketing activations are making the scene in Chicago even more delicious.

2. Tapping into the Convention Scene

Tourists love Chicago, and so do conventions. With so many quality conventions and exhibition centers throughout Chicago, business owners are integrating these massive events into their marketing strategies. From booking out Chicago billboards during the scheduled convention periods to giving away free merchandise to convention attendees, this is a high-income group that any business would love to convert into customers.

3. Join the Passionate Sports Fans

Chicago loves their sports teams. From the Chicago Cubs to the Chicago Bears, sports are a staple part of what makes this city great. So the best business owners in Chicago are making sure their company is associated with supporting the local teams one way or another. From having supportive billboards that cheer on the home team in the stadium to being a sponsor, these businesses make sure they get in on all the action at every game.

 4. Make the Most of the Water

Chicago is a unique city that is surrounded by water, whether that be through the river system or Lake Michigan. Creative businesses are finding ways to market themselves out on the water, whether that be with floating advertisements or PR activations. People tend to flock by Chicago’s waterways, so it is a great place for Chicago business owners to set themselves up.

5. Play into the Changing Weather

People in Chicago are adaptable, and so are the best businesses! With the ever-changing weather and a full four seasons each year, Chicago is never the same. And the same goes for the best business marketing strategies and campaigns. You will never see them doing the same thing twice and they are always going to the extreme to stay ahead of the competition and provide convenient solutions to their customers. It is the innovation of these companies that truly make them stand out.

6. Stand for Something Meaningful

The city of Chicago is proud. And they are willing to stand strong for what they believe in. So the best business owners in Chicago not only support their stances but also take their own stances as well. They design strategies that make their brand the leader or icon of various values. The people of Chicago want to be loyal to brands that they know have the same value set that they do, so it is crucial to make it known what you stand for.

7. Use the Influencers

Social media is a thing everywhere, but with such a big and diverse city, Chicago is also an epicenter for a range of online influencers. Form alliances and partnerships with key influencers that can help you tap into your preferred audience groups for your business and let them be the voice for your brand. They already have established trust with their followers and it will be money well spent if executed strategically.

Chicago is unlike any other city in America. With such a diverse landscape, city center and population, business owners are leading the way with creative and strategic marketing plans that are changing the game altogether!

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