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November 20, 2019

Embracing Ayurveda For A Healthy Tomorrow

Often known as the sister science of Yoga, Ayurveda is a holistic science that ensures a better life. Ayurveda focuses on developing the emotional and physical being of an individual. One of the primary premises of Ayurveda is food. As per this ancient science, the food that we consume has a direct effect on our emotional state. It can either elate us or make us completely distraught. Thus, Ayurveda for general health concentrates immensely on the controlled consumption of food.

Unlike other branches of medicine, Ayurveda tackles the root cause of the ailment. The diagnosis and the subsequent treatment under Ayurveda are very natural and do not cause any form of side effects in the body. An Ayurvedic way of life has a lot of merits and can be a simple solution to any health issue. Kerala Ayurveda has myriads of such ayurvedic products and medicines that can help one find the real balance and achieve the pink of health. But before that, let’s look into the ways in which Ayurveda can help us lead a healthier life.


While many women spend a lot of money on their skincare, Ayurveda can provide a simple and effective cure that is quite affordable. But again, before opting for medicines and ointments, Ayurveda suggests deep cleansing from within. This can only happen when you consume the right food.

Vegetables like cucumber, radish, lettuce, etc. must be incorporated in the diet since they have purifying properties and high water content. Additionally, food rich in Omega 3 and healthy fats must also be consumed.

Stress reduction

Due to our hectic life, we often suffer from both physical and mental stress. Such chronic stress takes a toll on our immunity and makes us vulnerable to a host of diseases. Ayurveda recommends regular meditation and yoga to deal with stress and anxiety.

This is again in sharp contrast to other branches of medicine, which give us a long list of drugs to have and tests to get done. Ayurveda offers simple and effective treatments like Abhyangam & Swedanam, Padabhyangam, Kayashudhi, and Shirodhara to deal with chronic stress, depression, and anxiety.


Ayurveda actively promotes “Panchakarma,” which is the thorough cleaning of toxins from the body. Toxins interfere with our natural bodily function, thereby making us more susceptible to diseases. Ayurveda promotes massage therapy with essential oils and enemas to eliminate toxins from the body.

Natural health

As per Ayurveda, health is one’s natural state. A person gets affected by ailment when he/she is not in balance with the surroundings. This applies to all sorts of diseases. For instance, if one is suffering from laziness, it merely means that the individual is off balance.

However, imbalances are not an overnight occurrence. It takes time to happen and thus, reversing it is also a lengthy process. To tackle these, following Ayurvedic methods is a relatively easy and painless process. Therefore, one is sure not to face any discomfort during the treatment. 

Weight management

This is one factor that has become a concern for all in the current times. Individuals today are more focused than ever on managing their weight. However, not everyone is aware of the right way of getting it done. Such people, especially young women, follow unhealthy practices like crash dieting. Ayurveda can come in handy, as it promotes healthy weight management using natural means.

Immunity building

The pollution around and fast-paced life often take a toll on our immune system. Thus, we often fall prey to chronic diseases like the common cold, flu, and fever. Ayurveda can help one deal with this problem from within.

Manufacturers like Kerala Ayurveda present to you the Ashwagandhadi Lehyam. Powered by Ashwagandha, this medicine supplies the body with antioxidants, which provide a protective shield to our immune system. You can check out their complete line-up of herbal products on their official website.

Tackling insomnia

There are multiple reasons that cause insomnia. Our daily habits like staring too long at our phone screens, consuming caffeine before bedtime, late-night dinners...all of this can disturb our sleep cycle. Ayurveda provides some simple rules to follow to get our sleep cycle back on track.

These may include rubbing jasmine or coconut oil on the scalp or the sole of the fest or having a warm cup of milk or chamomile tea right before bedtime. Ayurveda also recommends meditation regularly to help one sleep better.

Though most of us overlook it, simple and natural techniques can actually be quite useful. Additionally, it can save a lot of money. Before going for expensive and artificial medicines, look for a way in nature. So, give Ayurveda a try, and get closer to nature.

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